Portable Document Scanner

The DS-700D is a compact portable scanner that scans 2-sided documents automatically.  Powered by USB it offers high resolution scan's at up to 10 pages per minute to keep you productive on the move.

Key Features

  • Compact size make this Ideal for on the move, in the home or office use
  • Easy to use “One Touch” 2-sided scanning
  • Powered by USB for complete portability
  • High quality colour scanning
  • Scan to Searchable PDF feature
  • Scan and Store Business cards


DS-700D Portable Document Scanner

With a portable Brother DS-700D scanner at your side, capturing and archiving all kinds of documents is simple when you're working on the move.

Small enough to carry and fully powered by the USB port, these compact models provide all the features you'd expect in a desktop scanner. Like 'One Touch' scanning (with 2 sided scanning functionality) and the ability to scan business cards directly to your list of contacts.

Getting paper documents into a high-res digital format is where it all starts. Connect with the suite of software included and receipts, identification, orders and most paperwork can all be captured and shared across your organisation's network from virtually any location, for efficient and secure information handling.

Specification Details

Kiemelt tulajdonságok

Akkumulátor LI-ION
Akkumulátor töltési ideje 4 óra
USB-interfész USB 2.0
Dobozzal 375 W x 234 D x 117 H mm
Doboz nélkül 319 W x 76 D x 54 H mm
Súly 603 g
Súly 0.603 kg
Dobozzal 1385 g
Dobozzal 1.385 kg
Üzemi 2.3 watt
Készenléti üzemmód 0.7 watt
Alvó üzemmód 0.01 watt
Hangteljesítmény 71 dB
Hangnyomás 60 dBA
Egyéb Védőtok, 2x adagoló lap, 2x kalibráló lap
Színmélység 24 bit
Szürkeárnyalatos 16/8 bit
Jótállás 2 plusz 1 év garancia (regisztráción alapul)

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